Making Shift Happen - 180 Seconds @ a Time

Farewell to Change Management; Hello to Leading Disruption (S1 : E27)

May 05, 2020 Brad Smith & Kristy Braden Season 1 Episode 27
Making Shift Happen - 180 Seconds @ a Time
Farewell to Change Management; Hello to Leading Disruption (S1 : E27)
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We're a few months into the disruption, sadness, and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and besides all of the facts and theories that have emerged, there's one additional fact that's emerged:  It's time to say farewell to "change management."

In this episode, Kristy Braden and Brad Smith outline their points-of-view on why traditional change management approaches are no longer effective in a world of continual, disruptive change.  Inflection Point Leadership (IPL) has adopted a new, more proactive approach for Leading Disruption.  Kristy and Brad give an overview of this approach, as well as an an offer for companies to get a free diagnosis of their team's "transition health" and practical actions for equipping the team to thrive in the midst of widespread change.

For more information about IPL, or the special offer, please visit our website at:, or contact Brad Smith at

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making shit happen 180 seconds at a time. I'm Christi Brayden

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and I'm Brad Smith. You know, we're a few months into the business and personal disruption caused by the Cove in 19 Pandemic, and one thing has become clear to us. It's time to say farewell to change management.

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When we started inflection point leadership, we knew that we have lots of clients who were really lucky pile on the quote change management methodology on top of a workload that already seems overwhelming. So our new thinking or evolved thinking waas to integrate change management further into business practice and not separately as a standalone methodology. Even as we made some progress in making change management more integrated, I personally still found that I was defaulting to a tool or a template or a process that felt additive instead of being integrated, and that by the time we got that tool completed, the actual transformation had evolved to the point where the road map was no longer even relevant or the stakeholders have different priorities populated that particular tool.

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So it's become clear that it's time for a new approach.

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The emptor is called leading disruption. We chose the term disruption and very intentionally to describe the the complexity speed in the level of impact that changed does not begin to cover, as well as the idea that disruption does not promise any sort of future steady state. There's no normal to return to or known New beginning that's gonna last for very long anymore,

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right? And so the key really is building that resilience over time and you know not only to help you in the in the current situation, but hopefully you're starting from an even better place the next time.

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And that resilience is happening at both an organizational level. So there's a muscle that gets developed around how to ride the wave of disruption and even control it a little bit as well as a personal level as we start developing the ability to lead with humanity and empathy so that people can manage their whole lives. Brad, we have a special offer to help us tough. This new diagnostic tool that we're developing

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yes, for any organization that has at least 10 of its employees completing a five minute online survey, we will send that company a customized report of findings, as well as the implications and some recommendations for actions you can take to move your team forward. As an added incentive, AIPO will donate $5 per survey participant in your company's name. Toe World Central Kitchen. So you'll not only be learning more about your own workforce, you'll be helping those who are in need.

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If you're interested, you can contact us at Brad at inflection point leadership dot com, or go to the email dinner shown home

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and until next time,

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leave can to management behind and

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go makeshift happen.